CraftInk is a play2earn & play2support NFT trading card game. It has an unprecedented connectivity with the Hive Blockchain. "How cool would it be if there would be NFTs of us?" - "Why not of every user on Hive?" We have taken inspiration from existing collectible card games, CraftInk will still offer unique game mechanics and have special features that are only viable on Hive. In the game, there will be the possibility to earn the Hive-Engine Token INK through missions.


Create your deck



The respective characters of the individual classes are figures that you can see every day on Hive. However, cards of real Hivians will also be available in the future. Independently of the Officer (which you don't have to have in your deck), you can also vary the classes here.



The Item cards are like spell cards and can be played during the preparation phase of the game. They let you for example "revive" cards or make them stronger for one round. Those cards can be a serious game changer. You should not miss out on having some in your deck.



React cards can be used as traps or counters during an opponent's turn. You can interrupt your opponent's turn or strengthen your characters during the battle phase. Want to put an enemies card back on his hand? Activate your React card and watch the panic build up in your enemies.



Fillink cards are similar to mana or energy cards. To be able to play cards, you need a certain number of Fillink. There are several types of Fillink cards where you get one or more Fillinks to be able to play out multiple cards at the same time.

Choose your Booster

Who doesn't love opening booster packs? Each pack contains 5 cards. Get your head in the game NOW. With only 20 cards in your deck you can start playing. You see? You don't have to pay a fortune to start with CraftInk.

The Team Behind CraftInk

Since I never lost when we played with “real” cards, we had to tackle the development of the game. Well. So here we are.

smooms, Lead Developer / Game Designer

Let's do the math with a lot of coffee. And don't say it's not pythonic enough.

quekery, Junior Developer / Game Designer

A game so closely linked to the Hive Blockchain is unique and will thrill Hivians, just as it thrilled me creating it.

mary-me, Lead Game Designer, Secretary

It has always been a dream of mine to be involved in a game. Now I get to do the artwork for CraftInk which is awesome.

bubblegif, Character/Item Artwork

I have the honour to make the title song and the sound effects for the game! I am very excited about this!

ravenmus1c, Game Audio, Music Artist

The possibility to partake in giveaways to become a card/part of the game is awesome in itself.

YOU, Player, INK Holder, Card owner

Markets & Pools

We at HiQ love FOMO. What else would we do but provide Liquidity Pools to put your Tokens to work? Earn rewards and support CraftInk & HiQ!

By staking INK on Hive-Engine you automatically get weekly HIQS Rewards. Join our Discord Server to see the INK staking APR.